Upon realizing that music is a significant factor in the lives of youths in Slum communities in Kampala, the Slum Echoes project was designed as part of the Festival to give a unifying voice to the musicians of Kampala’s Slums.

Music Talent search shows were organized in six major slums of Kampala including Kabalagala, Kisenyi, Naguru, Kamwokya, Bwaise, and Mbuya where 20 best musicians were selected from the competitions. These musicians were enrolled in a three months talent development workshops programme, which involved vocal training sessions delivered by Ian Kagimbo a prominent vocal coach, live performance training sessions with instrumentalist John who works with Bayimba and a studio recording sessions with renowned local music Producer A.K.A Kallywid.

The Slum Echoes music album recorded and produced by producer Kallywid contains 20 tracks composed during the music workshops with the 20 selected artists. These songs center on the theme of environmental conservation and social protection.

The slum echoes artists were given an opportunity to exclusively perform their songs during the Slum Festival finale celebration on the 21st December 2015.

The Slum echoes music project has been credited for creating environmental awareness to the people living in Slum areas, creating unity between musicians with slum backgrounds as well as developing their music talent through added exposure.

The project looks to produce a music video and a documentary, holding a charity fundraiser concert and holding local and international tours including collaborations with other stakeholders such as embassies, civil society and government institutions. The funds raised from this initiative shall be used to further develop the artists enabling them to generate income and improve their wellbeing.



A Vocal training workshop with Ian Kagimbo-the vocal coach.



Brain Marley a participant in the Slum Echoes Project performing during the auditions and on the right, part of the Slum Echoes team posses for a group photo during the festival.







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