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Street Angels Uganda is building and establishing an art studio and planning the development of a crafts  apprenticeship school. This initative is aimed at forming a resource and income generating venture that will earn the initiative income to run and fund some of its program. Art sales and exhibitions are organized regularly.

Working together with the community members, the Slum Festival project  artists were able to create artworks in the community that carried social messages with the aim of educating and creating awareness about environmental issues and Slum Beautification. Functional 3D art works have been erected in the community.

Collecting thrown away objects in the community and turning them into art pieces has been a major goal of the 2015 eco-art campaign termed ‘Bash The Trash’

Three young artists have been taken up as residents, where they have been mentored to become social artists through workshops.

A number of realism mural paintings (reflecting the real life of the community) have been made and were exhibited in the community during the festival event which created a positive impression on the locals.

The project looks to create more collaboration with other visual artists and designers and plans to hold an art and design exhibition.

More research looking at the role of art in environmental awareness and protection is being carried on with focus on recycling in slum are

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